I’m currently tearing through the latest draft of my X-men script, and it’s killing me.

Not just because a lot of the original scenes are getting thrown out like yesterday’s garbage. It’s because the end of this project is so close I can taste it. And all I can think about is the next script I want to work on but I can’t because I need to finish this one first and get it into circulation.

Because seriously, I’ve invested over three years worth of near-constant thinking on this one. And between the Gossip Girl-written prequel and the recent trend of reboots, this thing won’t be a viable option for much longer.

Don’t get me wrong. I have a lot of confidence in my script. And it was a lot of fun to write. But time, time, time is and always will be a factor here. If it even gets considered to be picked up (which let’s be honest, those odds are slim), it could be months or even years before I get any kind of certainty and solidarity from my work. And the same will be true for my next script. And the next one. And the next one. I consider patience one of the better aspects of my personality, but this is pushing it.


But I guess if you’re reading this, the real thing on your mind is, “X-men script?!?!” To which my answer would be, “Yes.”

You see, roundabout three years ago (which is, not coincidentally, when I decided to be a screenwriter) I was thinking about how terrible the third X-men movie was and how the franchise had likely sang its swan song, despite having not covered a TON of fan favorite stories from the comic books. The only way they’d ever make it to the silver screen is through the six-letter dirty word: reboot. I thought, “You know, if someone could come in and clean up the mess they just made and pull out a decent story, I bet they could continue the series without completely crapping on everything Bryan Singer accomplished.” Which is when I had my revelation of sorts.

“Welp, it’s not like I’m doing anything else.”

So I did it. It went on and off the shelf for three years. Mostly because I still had a lot to learn (still do) and old ideas and ideals had to be replaced by more realistic ones. And now I’ve finally (almost) got the end result I wanted: a studio-pleasing, true to fans, faithful adaptation that follows the third movie and sets up the next.


I just patted myself on the back.

Here are some obscure details I’m willing to give out:

  • It takes place about 3+ years after X3
  • Minor characters from the past step up to featured roles
  • There are two new major characters that had cameos in past films
  • Brand new villains
  • Moar mutant-on-mutant fighting
  • No one’s coming back from the dead
  • No more Wolverine

And that’s all I’m saying, for fear of jinxing my hoop dreams.

Thanks for reading.

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