Today I awoke to find two FedEx packages waiting for me on the front porch. Because of their familiar shape and size, there was no moment of hope or excitement. I knew exactly what was in them; unopened, unread scripts.

Of course I sent out four. They were:

  • Bryan Singer, director at Bad Hat Harry Productions
  • Isaac Permutter, executive of Marvel Enterprises
  • Laura Shuler Donner, producer at Donner’s Company
  • and some other guy at 20th Century Fox (not a lot of confidence there, if you couldn’t tell)

The two I got back were sent to Donner’s Company and Marvel Enterprises, leaving the studio and director scripts still potentially up in the air. But not really. The one I sent to Fox was more of a formality than anything. I’m quite certain it went straight from mailroom to dumpster. As for the other… who knows? But I’m not going to waste any time waiting or wondering.

I spent the majority of my day today rewriting a proposal/query letter specifically aimed towards one type of person: agents. They’re the middleman I was (for some ludicrous reason) trying to avoid getting involved, but since unsolicited scripts seem to go unread regardless of whether they’re WGA registered, it’s back to basics.

Using my detective skills (and the immensely invaluable IMDB Pro), I tracked down four major talent agencies who manage people who’ve worked on the X-men films. I scoured their staff listing and found one agent each that handles mostly writers, some prominent ones to boot. Tomorrow their letters go out, this time with a synopsis and a self-addressed postcard in case I get their attention. Because scripts are expensive to print, I can’t be mailing them out to just anyone, especially if they’re just going to junk it.

Unlike with Plan A, I’m confident that I’m going to catch people’s attention and at least get a read out of a few of these guys. And if not… onto Plan C: send the same thing to lesser-known talent agents and the agents of prominent X-men actors that would be involved.

In the meantime, I’ve got two potential jobs I’m looking at to get me out of the retail hellhole. One’s basically 9-to-5 babysitting a pair of mixed-race twins, the other a possibly (hopefully) paid internship with a local marketing company. Potential set-backs are, I’m a guy (and everyone knows we can’t be trusted around children) and I don’t know After Effects, respectively. But I’ve taken it upon myself to learn the latter. Can’t hurt to have another tool in the kit (that’s what she said).

Cross your fingers for me. And if you’re some kind of circus freak, your toes.

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