A few days ago this article came out and set my spine a-tinglin’ for reasons obvious to those who’ve read my past posts. Open talk about the next X-men movie… it’s exhilarating and frightening at the same time. As I read it, I could feel the clock ticking on my opportunity to get my script read by the right people. I don’t know whether I should take it as a sign to try sending it to them again or what.

The script I sent to Lauren Shuler Donner (the producer of the X-films and money behind the operation) came back completely unopened and untouched. The one that went to Bryan Singer (the director of X-men and X2)…. I may never know. I assumed it went into the trash, but given these recent musings… I can’t help but feel like I might be in some absolutely miniscule way responsible. Probably just my good friend Delusion. But still. What if?

So Monday I’m sending out something else. Not the full script. Just a letter to make them aware of my material and it’s availability.

Speaking of which, I’ve gotten exactly zero responses from the agents I sent the same letter to. It’s been a full week, which is more than enough time I think for a guy to read a letter, check a box on a stamped postcard, and drop it in the mail. So I guess they’re passing on it. Too bad for them.

On the plus side, the talk has rekindled my creative fires. Admittedly, I’ve been working on nothing for the past few weeks when I definitely should’ve been doing something. Somewhat unfortunately, that something has become the next sequel rather than the other four or five ideas still floating around. It’s good because my brain seems to constantly keep brewing ideas for the next film whenever it gets the chance. It’s almost instinct. But it’s bad because it could be more effort for nothing, adding cars to a train that’s never going to leave the station. I consider myself an optimist and a fairly lucky person, though, so I can’t help but go full steam ahead.

In the meantime, there were two day jobs I was gunning for to upgrade from my current minimum wage mouse wheel at Target. One was an internship for a pretty awesome creative marketing company, the other… a full time manny (that’s “man nanny” for those who don’t know). As far as I can tell, both of them fell through. Haven’t heard back from the guy at the company who e-mailed me, nor the mother of the mixed-race twin boys. It’s been a week as well. Starting to see a trend, I am.

No harm no foul, I guess. Either one would’ve made my life way, waaaaay easier right now, but I guess that’s a sign it isn’t time for things to be easier on me right now. It’s time to push through rejection and failure and find a better foothold to push off of.

Speaking of which, I kind of really want to go rock-climbing. Like, right now. And sushi. Mmmm…

That’s all I’ve got tonight. Tomorrow will be a better day. Because I will make it so.

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